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How to reduce plastic and other ocean pollution

Plastic pollution

Liz Hollaway, Jenna Jambeck, Ellie Moss and Brajesh Dubey in this treatise released on Monday, May 26, 2020, offer insights on how to “turn off the tap” of pollutants Volunteers with Greenpeace Philippines clean up a heavily polluted beach in Manila. Photo credit: Plastic has gone from the greatest invention of the modern era to one of the most challenging materials to manage. ...

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Experts decry NOSDRA’s ‘sketchy’ report on dead fish along coastlines

Dr. Mahmood Mohammad Abubakar

A group of environmentalists has questioned the basis and integrity of the report released on Wednesday, May 13, 2020 by the National Oil Spill Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA) on dead fish found on Niger Delta coastlines in Nigeria. Minister of Environment, Dr. Mahmood Mohammad Abubakar Reports of dead fish washing up on an extensive stretch of the Niger Delta ...

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NOSDRA claims toxic discharge killed coastline fishes as Delta Assembly debates fresh incident


The National Oil Spills Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA) says findings on the dead fishes on the Atlantic Ocean coastline indicated high levels of toxicity caused by toxic wastes discharge. Dead fish from the Niger Delta coastline The agency noted in a statement on Thursday, May 14, 2020 that the discharge of toxic materials into the Atlantic may have come ...

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Marine litter: Plastic to outweigh ocean’s fish by 2050


Plastic litter in the world’s oceans is projected to outweigh fish by 2050, according to new documents released by the World Economic Forum. Because global use of plastic has increased twentyfold in the past 50 years – and that number will likely double again in the next 20 years – the current pace will put the tonnage of litter in ...

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Media executives commit to tackle marine pollution


A team of environmental journalists who participated in the Abidjan Convention (ABC) workshop that focused on Marine Litter has resolved to step up the fight against marine pollution which is increasingly becoming a major threat to African and global aquatic ecosystems. At the close of a three-day forum at the Ivorian capital city, the journalists in a three-point declaration committed ...

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Makoko claims no easy victories

    Makoko is a metaphor for resilience in the face of enormous pressures. This community floating on the waters of the Lagos Lagoon is resilient because it is not a rigid community. It is resilient not because the buildings in this community are the strongest in the world but because they are built in sync with nature and not ...

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West Africa faces up to an environmental crisis

People in West Africa are confronting enormous environmental problems, and Canada isn’t part of the solution, writes David Israelson, a writer and consultant based in Toronto Lots of people who fish complain about their catch, but Abdulahi Traore has good reason. “We don’t catch what our families can consume for a day,” he says, pointing to a plastic box holding ...

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Bassey: Time to clean up Niger Delta mess

About this time last year this writer had the tough job of settling a dispute between two friends. One is a Nigerian from the Niger Delta and the other a South Africa from the Witbank area. Their argument was over which was the most polluted place in Africa. Was it the oil fields of the Niger Delta or the coalmine ...

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Concern over polluted Lagos Lagoon

Environment activists, operating under the aegis of the Nigerian ASP Implementation Network (NASPIN), have said that residents of the city are sitting on an environmental time bomb as a result of the large scale pollution of the Lagos Lagoon. The NASPIN is an independent, non-profit national alliance of voluntary groups, made up of non-governmental organisations and civil societies that are ...

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Lagos beaches for clean up

A weeklong cleaning of parts of the restive Lagos coastline will commence on Monday, September 24 2012. The forum will incorporate a series of awareness raising activities on issues bordering on the impact of pollutants, especially marine debris in coastal areas. Clean Coast Nigeria (CCN), in collaboration with Ocean Conservancy, is organising the exercise, which is the second in the ...

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