Sunday 5th December 2021
Sunday, 5th of December 2021
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Group seeks international cooperation to tackle wildlife crime in Vietnam

Comoé National Park

Despite government efforts to reverse the tide of illegal wildlife trade, Vietnamese-led criminal networks continue to play a major role in fuelling poaching and the decline of biodiversity in Africa. Wildlife at the Comoé National Park in Côte d’Ivoire In the new report titled “Vietnam’s Footprint in Africa: An analysis of the role of Vietnamese criminal groups in wildlife trafficking”, the ...

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10bn tonne plastic pollution bomb ticking away globally – Study

Plastic pollution

Humans have to date produced a staggering 10 billion tonnes of plastic – of which about six billion tonnes is now plastic waste in landfill sites or polluting the open environment. Volunteers with Greenpeace Philippines clean up a heavily polluted beach in Manila. Photo credit: In its new report titled: “The Truth Behind Trash: The scale and impact of the ...

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