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There are 50bn birds on Earth, say Australian researchers

Migratory birds

No fewer than 50 billion birds call planet Earth home, according to an extrapolation by Australian scientists published in the journal Proceedings of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences on Tuesday, May 18, 2021. Migratory birds This means that there are about six times as many birds as humans on the planet. A team led by William Cornwell from the ...

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Scientists warn Earth could break through major climate threshold by 2032


Global temperatures could exceed 1.5 degrees Celsius above their preindustrial levels within the next 15 years, according to a new scientific study, crossing the first threshold under the Paris climate agreement and placing the world at a potentially dangerous level of climate change. The report comes as climate agreement participants are watching the United States – where the Trump administration is debating whether to withdraw from the Paris ...

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Scientists find planet similar, close to Earth


In an article published by Nature World News on Wednesday, researchers announced the discovery of a new “Earth-like” planet orbiting a star not far from our sun. The planet has not been named yet, but was found circling the star Proxima Centauri – a “cool, tiny red dwarf” scientists have long suspected might be capable of having a planet in ...

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Mysterious planet may destroy Earth this month, says scientist


A mysterious planet that wiped out life on Earth millions of years ago could do it again, according to a top space scientist. Some scientists believe that the apocalyptic event could happen as early as this month. Planet Nine, a new planet reportedly discovered at the edge of the solar system in January, is said to have the potential to ...

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Water found on Mars could be first signs of Martian life


NASA found evidence of liquid water on the Red Planet, which means there is the potential for life beyond Earth. We seem to discover water on Mars about once a year. Well, that’s not quite true: We’ve known Mars has water for quite a while. However, there are a lot of mysteries still to solve about how that water behaves ...

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