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World Meteorological Day: Understanding clouds means understanding climate


“Understanding Clouds” is the theme of World Meteorological Day 2017 to highlight the enormous importance of clouds for weather climate and water. According to the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), clouds are central to weather observations and forecasts, adding that clouds are one of the key uncertainties in the study of climate change. “We need to better understand how clouds affect the ...

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World Meteorological Day: How clouds regulate earth’s energy balance – Taalas


Secretary General of the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO), Patteri Taalas, in a message to observe the World Meteorological Day on Thursday, March 23 2017, lists the roles clouds play in regulating the Earth’s energy balance Throughout the centuries, few natural phenomena have inspired as much scientific thought and artistic reflection as clouds. More than two millennia ago, Aristotle studied clouds ...

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When strange clouds fell from sky in Morocco


It could be a scene from a fantasy film. A video has shown huge unexplained foam-like clouds on the ground at Doukkala, Morocco, sending conspiracy theorists into overdrive. The strange clouds cover large areas of the landscape and the man filming wanders around in awe, occasionally touching the substance. Some of the blobs are huge while others are just small ...

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