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IPCC’s AR5: Adaptation is fundamentally about risk management


In Africa, the primary concern is adapting to the negative impacts of climate change. This means taking both short and long-term approaches to managing climate risks. In the short term, integrating climate adaptation and disaster risk reduction will help withstand shocks to human security and economic development from which recovery can be costly. African governments, businesses and communities can do ...

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IPCC’s AR5 and Africa: Adaptation will bring benefits

The fourth in the series sheds light on the IPCC findings that, in the light of the fact that climate change has the tendency to amplify existing stress on agricultural systems particularly in semi-arid environments, adaptation will bring immediate benefits and reduce the impacts of the phenomenon.   In a world that is 4°C warmer, the current cropping areas of ...

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IPCC’s AR5 and Africa: How climate change threatens continent’s fragile growth

Farm irrigation

The third feature in the series lays emphasis on the fact that climate change poses challenges to growth and development in Africa   The emissions already in the atmosphere, together with the greenhouse gases that will be emitted in the future, mean that the climate will continue to change. These changes in climate will create new risks and will amplify ...

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Climate legal framework sought for states’ development plans

Environmentalists are seeking the establishment of a legal framework that supports the mainstreaming of climate change scenario into states’ development plans and strategies. They believe that this will go a long way towards curbing how the phenomenon impacts the various sectors of the economy. According to them, adaptation policies need to be an integral part of government initiatives, given the ...

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A tomato farmer’s account of unpredictable weather

Mile-12 market is known as the food headquarters in Lagos; where food is cheap, plenty, yet at best quality. Trailer loads of food, from various regions of the country, course their way into the market’s narrow entrance, thus constantly creating the traffic gridlock the axis is known for. After navigating through the mire and wastes from fruits and vegetable which ...

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Nigeria explores e-infrastructure for climate data, information

Ways to adapt to the negative impact of climate change took a new dimension this week as stakeholders initiated moves to tackle an apparent limitation of data in the sector. Just like other African nations, Nigeria lacks elaborate, comprehensive and real time climate figures that will enable her make appropriate decisions, predictions and preparations towards the looming negative impacts of ...

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Coping with two extremes

Two migrants fall victim of the vagaries of extreme weather conditions in Lagos, where drought and floods have colluded to make life a hell on earth for residents. The main character in this story is the infamous downpour of Sunday, June 10, 2011   In July 2009, unemployed single mother of two children, Luisa Ono, ventured into rice faming after receiving ...

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How climate change hurts Ghana, by Kuffour

  “Climate Change is like some feet that creeps on a family in the dead of the night and wraps around the members entangling them in ways in which they cannot free themselves. Climate change events have become so complex and uncertain that the developed nations are at loss as to how to predict related events. Climate change is now ...

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UN NAMA Registry records first matched support between Austria, Georgia

  A new UN Registry which records and matches offers of support from developed nations to the stated plans of developing countries to reduce and limit greenhouse gas emissions has recorded the first such agreed cooperation between Austria and Georgia. “This first success highlights the enormous potential of the new registry as a transparent, efficient clearing house that matches financial, ...

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Rotational grazing meets technology on Mambilla Plateau

Cattle rearing

“Consider the cattle, grazing as they pass you by. They do not know what is meant by yesterday or today, they leap about, eat, rest, digest, leap about again, and so from morning till night and from day to day, fettered to the moment and its pleasure or displeasure, and thus neither melancholy nor bored. (…) Ever trusting in the ...

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