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Concern over polluted Lagos Lagoon

Concern over polluted Lagos Lagoon Lagoon 300x160

Environment activists, operating under the aegis of the Nigerian ASP Implementation Network (NASPIN), have said that residents of the city are sitting on an environmental time bomb as a result of the large scale pollution of the Lagos Lagoon. The NASPIN is an independent, non-profit national alliance of voluntary groups, made up of non-governmental organisations and civil societies that are ...

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Incorporating sound chemicals management in MDGs, Vision 20/2020 dreams

Incorporating sound chemicals management in MDGs, Vision 20/2020 dreams Chemical Pix 300x160

Experts have underlined the need for a well-coordinated mechanism that would ensure the eventual incorporation of sound chemicals management priorities and recommended activities in the Vision 20/2020 document. They likewise observed that the endeavour is essential to attaining the millennium development goals (MDGs). Besides the overlapping of organisational responsibilities at the national, regional and local levels, they are however worried ...

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Chemicals management policy underway

A collaboration involving the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Swedish Chemicals Agency and the Federal Ministry of Environment is executing a project aimed at mainstreaming sound management of chemicals into the Millennium Development Goals-based plans and policies. A week ago in Abuja, participants at a two-day event rose at the close of the forum and adopted the draft final report ...

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