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Australia: Meeting sustainability targets comes with trade-offs – Study


The world’s countries will face tough choices if they want to achieve several different targets for sustainability, such as reducing their fossil fuel footprints and conserving water, at once. That is the conclusion of a new study that explored the different options that Australia has for meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – a set of 17 goals that almost ...

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How 2017 will shape Australia, by Connor


John Connor, CEO of the Climate Institute, believes that the New Year will determine political and economic directions as well as the national identity of Australia for some years to come. According to him, work under the Paris Agreement has sufficient support to continue without the US Just when you thought 2017 couldn’t get any wackier, it does, and it ...

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Save Great Barrier Reef, Australian leader, Turnbull, told

In Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

A group of civil society leaders from India to the USA on Wednesday 29 June, 2016 called in an open letter to the Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, to visit areas of the Great Barrier Reef damaged by climate change, and are demanding him to commit to actions that can save this natural wonder. As Australia winds up for a Federal Election on July 2nd, ...

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Australia to invest $1 billion in clean energy


The Australian Government is establishing a $1 billion Clean Energy Innovation Fund to support emerging technologies make the leap from demonstration to commercial deployment. This will drive innovation and create the jobs of the future, while delivering a financial benefit from the investment of public money. The $1 billion Clean Energy Innovation Fund will be jointly managed by the Clean ...

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Scientists link UK floods, extreme global weather to El Nino, climate change

air pollution

Scientists say flooding in Britain, record US temperatures and Australian wildfires are linked to El Niño, making effects of man-made climate change worse From some of the worst floods ever known in Britain, to record-breaking temperatures over the Christmas holiday in the US and forest fires in Australia, the link between the tumultuous weather events experienced around the world in ...

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