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$9.1m GCF facility boosts wetlands management in Peruvian communities

Peruvian comminities

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) has begun disbursing resources to the first project it approved in Peru’s Amazon, providing dual benefits by safeguarding the “planet’s lungs” and bolstering the resilience of indigenous people. This $9.1 million climate finance initiative will help indigenous communities in the northern Peruvian province of Datem del Marañón manage their wetland resources in ways that avoid deforestation and ...

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Vicious circle of drought, forest loss in the Amazon

Amazon rainforest

Logging that happens today and potential future rainfall reductions in the Amazon could push the region into a vicious dieback circle. If dry seasons intensify with human-caused climate change, the risk for self-amplified forest loss would increase even more, an international team of scientists finds. If however there is a great variety of tree species in a forest patch, according ...

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Industrialists, scientists seek ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ in Amazon region

Carlos Nobre

Drawing on biodiversity and biomimetics, new innovation model proposes to use science, cutting-edge technology and indigenous knowledge to carve out new path for development in Amazon region Latin American scientists and entrepreneurs on Friday published an article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that would turn the biodiversity and biomimetic assets of the Amazon and the knowledge of its ...

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