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NOSDRA sanctions Conoil, confirms fresh leak from firm’s field in Bayelsa

The National Oil Spills Detection and Response Agency (NOSDRA) on Wednesday, December 2, 2020 said it has detected a leak from an under sea well head located in the shallow waters near the Atlantic coastline of Bayelsa State.

Aunty Julie platform
Conoil’s Aunty Julie platform

Mr Idris Musa, Director-General of NOSDRA, who confirmed the incident on Wednesday, said the leak emanated from Conoils’s  facility known as “Aunty Julie platform” within Oil Mining Lease 59, at Otuo Oilfield.

The spill site, according to the NOSDRA Director-General, is located near Sangana in Brass Local Government Area of Bayelsa.

The spill response agency noted that the oil firm was in the habit of causing avoidable spills and had been sanctioned for degrading the environment.

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“This oil company has been spilling oil for a period of time now. And we just got this report, from what we found it is from an underwater pipeline under pressure creating bubbles on the water surface.

“All the directives given to it to contain the oil spill, shut down and replace the leaking pipeline near shore in Sangana, Bayelsa State fell into deaf ears. 

“The agency sanctioned the company for this untoward act, but nothing has changed. The leakage continues and the oil company behaves irresponsibly even though it is a Nigerian Oil Company,” Musa said.

By Nathan Nwakammma


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