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Govt urged to provide incentives for clean alternative power

A Professor of Environmental Management and Control, Prof. Christian Madu, on Wednesday, September 8, 2021 urged the federal and state governments to provide incentives for residents to procure clean alternative power sources.

Generator Pollution
The WHO says that, in one year, 46,750 persons died as a result of outdoor pollution in Nigeria

Madu, who is of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), said in Enugu that the government needed to support the local population in getting solar and natural gas power generation alternatives.

He spoke on the negative use of generating sets in densely populated areas and neighborhoods in the country.

The expert said that the incentive was necessary in view of the inadequate power supply in the country and the need to stop the use of fossil fuel generating sets.

According to him, going forward, the country might not be able to contain the economic and health implications of fossil fuel generating sets.

“There is a need for re-orientation of our people against this dangerous carbon-monoxide from fossil fuel generating sets.

“Also, a need for a deliberate policy where the government gives incentives i.e. subsidy, loans etc, for residents to procure clean power energy.

“The government needed to come  in as the price of clean and alternative energy is still costly and not to the reach of an average Nigerian,” he said.

Madu noted that generating sets cause air and noise pollution.

“It causes great respiratory sickness to people, especially infants living within such neighbourhoods and market places where fossil fuel generating sets are used constantly on a daily basis.

“It increases health dangers for people managing respiratory illnesses such as asthma.

“In some neighbourhoods, noise pollution when these fossil fuel generating sets are switched on becomes unbearable and affects the aged and other people with temperature-related illnesses as well.

“As if it is not enough, it drains the economic pocket of individuals, families and small businesses that should not have a need for fossil fuel generating sets in the first place, if the national grid is functional,” he added.

The expert said that the country being blessed with abundant volumes of natural gas can tap into the use of the newly invented generating sets that use natural gas instead of fossil fuel generation sets.

“This can be a huge advantage for the country since we have an abundant untapped reserve of natural gas, which burns cleaner and more environmentally friendly than petroleum and diesel or fossil fuel.”

By Stanley Nwanosike

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