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Flood cuts off Lokoja-Ajaokuta road, sacks residents

Flash floods from River Niger have cut off Lokoja-Ajaokuta rRoad, which leads to the South-East and some South-South parts of the country.

Flooded parts of Lokoja in Kogi State in 2012

A correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) who visited the flooded parts of Lokoja in Kogi State on Thursday, September 24, 2020, reports that the flood had covered a section of the road at Ganaja village, thereby making it difficult for motorists coming to and fro to pass .

Residents living at Ganaja village, Jingbe, Elete and other adjoining communities had also been having tough time driving through the flood for the past few days.

As a result, the road had been experiencing heavy traffic gridlock, especially of trucks and passengers vehicles on inter-state transport services.

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Unfortunately, articulated vehicles, luxury buses and trucks carrying perishables had no alternative route to divert.

Residents have had to resort to alternative longer routes to access their houses or go to work.

Also workers, staff and students of the Ajaokuta Steel Company, Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (Prime FM Station), and Salem University are hard hit by the development.

It was observed that many shop owners, hotels and places of work along the road had been forced to close down as a result of the flood.

The correspondent reports that the deplorable condition of the road had further compounded the woes being experienced by motorists and commuters.

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Also, residents of houses in Adankolo, Sarkin Noma, Galilee, Kpata and other flood-prone areas in Lokoja were forced to flee their homes because of the flooding.

The heavy downpour on Wednesday night resulted to rise in water level in River Niger, a development which may further worsen the situation.

By Kola Adeyemi


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