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Drought hits 570,000 residents in central China

More than 570,000 people in central China’s Hunan Province have been affected by drought, resulting from heatwaves and a lack of rainfall while other areas have difficulty getting drinking water, local authorities said on Tuesday, July 30, 2019.

Drought China
Severe drought has hit central China

The drought has affected a total of 571,800 people in the province and 42,600 people need living assistance, among which 36,600 have difficulty accessing drinking water, according to the provincial emergency management department.

About 685,000 hectares of crops have been affected, 79,000 hectares of which have been demolished, and the direct economic losses are estimated to reach ¥320 million (about $46.48 million), the department said.

The local government has sent work teams to the affected areas to guide local relief work.

Party committees and governments at all levels in the disaster-hit areas have actively allocated water resources to provide affected residents with emergency water supplies. 

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