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Congo’s Ebola outbreak exceeds 600 cases – WHO

The World Health Organisation (WHO) on Friday, January 4, 2019 said there are now more than 600 confirmed or probable cases of Ebola in Congo.

Health workers move to prevent Ebola spread

Most of the new cases occurred in cities and urban areas in Eastern North Kivu province, where an Ebola outbreak was declared in August 2018.

Numerous militia groups are fighting for control over the country’s rich natural resources in the province, hampering efforts to combat the epidemic in the impoverished nation.

“Mass protests that erupted in recent days over a delay in Congo’s presidential elections have also frustrated the work of aid officials.

“A hospital was attacked in city of Beni, for example, which resulted in fewer Ebola vaccines being handed out,’’ the WHO said.

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The health agency added that a further deterioration in security would undermine the fight against the life-threatening haemorrhagic fever.

“According to the latest figures, 560 cases of Ebola have been confirmed and 48 other cases are considered likely.

“This Ebola outbreak is the second-worst ever recorded,’’ the WHO said.

An Ebola outbreak ravaging Eastern areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo has claimed several hundred lives.


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