Tuesday 14th January 2020
Tuesday, 14th of January 2020
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Video: Yellow Fever Alert

Video: Yellow fever Alert

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Video: Government moves to intensify coal mining

Government move to intensify mining activities in Nigeria

Coal is likely to become a popular source of energy in Nigeria as the nation moves to intensify mining activities and boost production, contrary to global plans to transit to clean energy sources.

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Video: Nigeria reclaims desert in 11 states

Sally Big Story on Reclaiming De Desert

The Nigerian government has approved N10 billion to reclaim the desert along 11 front line states in the northern part of the country. Disregard the $10 billion mentioned in the narration in the report.

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Video: Afforestation and communities

Salamatu Afforestation and Communities

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Video: Women and rural water access

Salamat Rural Water Access Big Story

Government initiative aimed at involving women in the protection of water facilities is likely to be frustrated, no thanks to socio-cultural factors wherein women are not to be seen in some communities in Nigeria.

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Video: Experts demand enforcement of National Health Bill

Nigerian health experts

Statistics shows that most Nigerians do not have access to good health care services despite promises made by government over the years. Critics say the country’s health system will remain in a poor state unless the fundamental problems confronting it are addressed.

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Video: WHO urges nations to discourage smoking


The World Health Organisation is calling on countries to “Get Ready for plain Packaging” of tobacco products to discourage more people from smoking. Meanwhile, tobacco consumption causes the death of more than six million people worldwide every year.

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Video: Electromagnetic radiation and health

Electromagnetic Radiation

The biological effects and medical applications of radiation from wireless communication technologies and domestic gadgets have been debatable. The World Health Organisation (WHO) states that more than 25,000 articles have been published over the last 30 years on the subject. This report looks at what happens when we are exposed to to electromagnetic frequencies and how we may protect ourselves.

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Video: Hidden dangers in cookware

Hidden dangers in cookware

People often buy the quality of cookware that fits their budget. After all, the end result of a cooked meal is what matters the most. Studies have it that the wrong kind of cookware could be endangering your health.

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Video: New HIV drug on trial for discordant couples

New HIV drug

Condoms have been the most effective way to prevent sexual transmission of HIV. For discordant couples who want children, this can be a challenge. This report shows how a new drug on trial can give these couples hope.

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