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Guatemalan forest community fends off wildfires, narco-traffickers

Amazon rainforest

A diverse international group of environmental researchers on Thursday, August 6, 2020 presented the evidence behind a conservation success story: an innovative forest-management programme in northern Guatemala that for more than two decades has protected pristine wilderness from devastation while providing a sustainable living for thousands of resident Guatemalans. A waterfall in the Amazon rainforest in South America The researchers ...

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Vulture: An unsung hero of the environment


The advent and rise in zoonotic diseases such as Ebola, Monkey-pox and Avian influenza and now the novel Coronavieus has inspired scientists to probe into causes of these preventable outbreaks. Not only the outbreaks but specifically in the spread, mortalities recorded and coping mechanisms while finding solutions. Vultures Though it appears unclear, recent scientific researches are linking the decline of ...

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137 park rangers worldwide died in last 12 months, says global body

World Rangers Day

No fewer than 137 park rangers lost their lives to wildlife attacks among several unfortunate homicide related cases, across seven regions of the world in the last 12 months, the International Rangers Federation (IRF), said on Tuesday, August 4, 2020. Female park rangers Its President, Chris Galliers, made the disclosure at the 2020 World Ranger Day, celebrated annually on July 31. Galliers’ ...

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Insect can escape after being eaten by frog, scientists find

Regimbartia attenuata

The insect Regimbartia attenuata can escape even after being devoured by certain species of frog, among them Pelophylax nigromaculatus, Japanese ecologist Shinji Sugiura of Kobe University announced on Monday, August 3, 2020. The Regimbartia attenuata Like other kinds of frog, Pelophylax nigromaculatus’ lack of teeth makes it unable to kill the insect before eating it. This is done instead by ...

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New forest policy will help preserve Nigeria’s ecosystems, says minister

Dr Mohammed Mahmoud Abubakar

Minister of Environment, Dr. Mohammed Mahmood Abubakar, has said that the new National Forest Policy (NFP) recently approved by the Federal Executive Council (FEC) will assist the country in the sustainable management of its vast forest resources. Minister of Environment, Dr Mohammed Mahmoud Abubakar He added that the NFP would also help to preserve Nigeria’s rich ecosystems as well as ...

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Six bison calves born in ‘European Serengeti’

A herd of bison

A reserve of large herbivores, also known as the European Serengeti, in 2020 recorded what is said to be the highest increases in bison since its establishment in 2015. Six European bison calves were born in a protected area, which is in the former military area of Milovice, near Prague, capital of the Czech Republic. A herd of bison with ...

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The pull of the mangroves and the sea, by Nnimmo Bassey


There is something about water that draws humans and other living beings. Could it be the fact that up to 60 percent of the human body is made up of water? When people say that water is life, the meaning goes deeper than the fact that water quenches our thirst, refreshes us and generally feeds us. It also refers to ...

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Nigeria to restore Niger Delta area’s mangrove ecosystem

Sharon Ikeazor

As part of measures towards ensuring the protection of mangroves and oceans in the country, the Nigerian government is considering a National Mangrove Restoration Project that will deliver environmental and sustainable livelihood benefits for people living in the Niger Delta region. Mrs. Sharon Ikeazor, Nigeria’s Minister of State for the Environment Minister of State for Environment, Mrs. Sharon Ikeazor, announced ...

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Kenya intensifies hunt for six poachers behind death of wildlife

Mount Elgon National Park

Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) said on Sunday, July 12, 2020 it had intensified a manhunt for six poachers behind killing of antelopes and buffalos for meat at Mount Elgon National Park. Mount Elgon National Park Josephat Wambua, Senior Warden at Mouth Elgon National Park, said the wildlife agency is on high alert to prevent death of iconic mammals in the ...

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Global economy better off with more nature protected, says report

Gashaka-Gumti National Park

In what looks like the most comprehensive report to date on the economic implications of protecting nature, over 100 economists and scientists find that the global economy would benefit from the establishment of far more protected areas on land and at sea than exist today. Nature conservation in Nigeria: the report offers evidence that the nature conservation sector drives economic growth The ...

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