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World Autism Awareness Day: Empowering ailing women, girls

António Guterres

“On World Autism ,Awareness Day, let us reaffirm our commitment to promote the full participation of all people with autism, and ensure they have the necessary support to be able to exercise their rights and fundamental freedoms.” Those were the words of UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, as the world celebrated the World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD) on Monday, April 2, ...

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Is the African continent splitting in two?

Africa split

A huge crack has appeared in Kenya, and it’s growing. A large crack, stretching several kilometres, made a sudden appearance recently in south-western Kenya. The tear, which continues to grow, caused part of the Nairobi-Narok highway to collapse and was accompanied by seismic activity in the area. The Earth is an ever-changing planet, even though in some respects change might be ...

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International Day of Forests: Halting deforestation in the Amazon

Amazon rainforest

Twenty years ago, the fate of the Amazonian rainforest was a cause celèbre – and many environmentalists believed it to be a lost one. After decades of rapid deforestation, peaking in the 1990s, prophets of doom were beginning to draft obituaries for the world’s largest tropical forest. Now it is being celebrated in a different way. Over the intervening period, ...

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Brazil to expand marine conservation areas in South Atlantic

island of Trindade in Brazil

The government of Brazil has signed into law two decrees that designate two new marine protected areas around the Saint Peter and Saint Paul Archipelago and around the Islands of Trindade and of Martim Vaz. The announcement was made during the 8th World Water Forum that held recently in the country. The designation increases the Brazilian marine protected areas from the current 1.5 ...

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Environmental group develops Mobile App to track illegal dumpsites

Olusosun dumpsite

An environmental group, ‘’Let’s Do It Nigeria’’, said it had developed a mobile app to help track trash points and illegal dumpsite across the country. The Marketing and Public Relations Manager of the group, Gafar Olorunleke, disclosed this to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in an interview on Sunday, April 1, 2018 in Lagos. Olorunleke said the mobile app ...

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Uganda loses billions due to delays in repairing MV Bukakaka

MV Bukakata

MV Bukakaka under the supervision of Uganda National Roads Authority (UNRA) has been at been at the floating dry dock at Port Bell in Luzira for three years, which has resulted into losing billions of money in docking ( parking) fees.   The Uganda Railways Cooperation (URC) Senior Marine engineer, Aggrey Ojambo, said UNRA pays URC $400 per day for ...

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Focus: How GEF, AfDB helped Malawi rural households adapt to climate change

Malawi goat

Malawi’s vulnerability to the devastating impacts of climate change is caused by the country’s significant exposure to climate variability. Agriculture and rural livelihoods are highly sensitive to climatic change. They have very low adaptive capacity at the community and national levels. As a result, a wide range of climate-induced devastations have occurred in Malawi during the past 30 years, including ...

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Donors pledge $15m to UN emergencies contingency fund

Alistair Burt, UK Minister of State for International Development

Donors have pledged an additional $15.3 million to support quick action by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to tackle disease outbreaks and humanitarian health crises through its emergency response fund in 2018, the Contingency Fund for Emergencies (CFE). Canada, Denmark, Estonia, Germany, the Republic of Korea, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, and the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern ...

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Images: Global challenges of plastic pollution

Plastic bottle scavengers

A simple walk on any beach, anywhere, and the plastic waste spectacle is present. All over the world the statistics are ever growing; indeed, staggeringly. Tons of plastic debris is discarded every year, everywhere, polluting lands, rivers, coasts, beaches, and oceans. Plastic debris can vary in size from large containers, fishing nets to microscopic plastic pellets or even particles. Environmentalists have long denounced plastic as ...

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