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Renewable energy key to bridging energy gap – Experts

Some experts have said that renewable energy is key to bridging the energy gap in the under-served and un-served communities.

Renewable energy: Solar panels

They stated this at a panel discussion on Wednesday, February 8, 2023, at the ongoing  AFRICANXT 2023 in Lagos. It has “Bridging the Energy Gap in Un-served and Under-served Communities in Nigeria” as its theme.

Founder of Dsuonenegry, Chukwuebuka Obimma, said that more than 70 million people living in rural areas do not have access to electricity supply.

He said that the current energy supply gap in Nigeria was, at least, 180,000 MW, according to the Association of Nigerian Electricity Distributors.

”About 600 million people across Sub-Saharan African communities have no access to electricity.

”Renewable energy will, to a great extent, bridge the gap of un-served and under-served areas,” he said.

According to him, there is the need to spend much money in partnering with community leaders because rural areas are an integral part of the society.

Chief Operating Officer (COO), Ashdam Solar Co. Ltd., Damilola Asaleye, said that there were misconceptions about solar energy, especially about it being expensive.

“Generally, energy is expensive, but the money paid on solar energy can be gotten back within three to five years,” she said.

Asaleye stressed the need for sensitisation, education and advocacy on reliable, clean, sustainable and affordable energy.

By Stellamaris Ashinze

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