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Fellowship programme seeks 2017 associates

The Women Green Fellowship (WGF) programme has opened application for the 4th cohort of the fellowship. It will close on Friday, March 31, 2017.

The Women Green Fellowship

“We are looking for women who desire to change the way things are done and want to improve it,” says Ayodele Taofiq-Fanida, Director, Women Green Fellowship.

Taofiq-Fanida adds: “Women Green Fellowship is a place to ignite ideas, nurture inspirations and birth the solutions that will change the system from ego to eco. The programme is geared towards helping learners re-establish relationship with nature and learn the wisdom embedded in age-old rural communities. It also brings together social entrepreneurs and change agents from around the country to become green experts, leaders and industry thinkers in the clean technology world. Our fellows are exposed to inspiration, ideas, solutions and astute network that transform and impact the world positively.”

Describing the last cohort as “exciting and excellent,” the promoters of the programme expressed “happiness at the success recorded thus far by our fellows, as ethical and social change leaders in the society.”

“Our 2016 Fellows were able to solve challenges around the environment, health, and food security in a unique and sustainable manner which in turn will provide avenue for employment and job creation in the country,” notes Taofiq-Fanida, adding:

“Are you a disrupter, innovator who is eager to become a solution provider to numerous challenges facing the society today? Then, we need you to join us in creating this ripple effect that will extend beyond the community of life-long Fellows to the rest of the country and, by extension the world, as we collectively take actions that will bring about a sustainable world by 2030.”

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