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Environmental challenges: Group to establish additional 500 school clubs

Clean Up Nigeria (CUN), an NGO, says it will establish additional 500 environmental clubs in various schools across the country to help address some of the environmental challenges.

Ene Baba-Owoh Jr
Ene Baba-Owoh Jr

The National Coordinator of the organisation, Mr Ene Owoh, disclosed this in an interview in Abuja, on Monday, January 17, 2022.

Owoh said that the CUN had earlier established 1,500 clubs, adding that the 500 clubs would be making it 2,000 which the organisation was planning to establish this year in various schools across the country.

He said that the establishment of the clubs would help to address some of the environmental challenges through the students and their teachers in the schools.

He said that the establishment of the clubs involved public and private primary and secondary schools across the nation.

According to him, the CUN will be increasing the clean up clubs in schools from 1,500 to another 500 to make it 2,000 clubs.

“The essence of establishing the clubs in the schools is to cash the students young.

“The students are very sensitive and easy to handle, that is why we decided to address the problem through the establishment of the clubs in the schools.

“The students can as well take the message on how to keep our environment clean and healthy to their various homes, churches, mosque and other important places in our areas.

“This is to ensure that environmental challenges are address effectively, the clubs can impact positively in the environmental health.

“The students and the teachers can work together on such issues as reducing litter and waste and run the school in an environmentally conscious way,” he said.

Owoh said that the organisation would be collaborating with some relevant stakeholders to ensure that waste management was being tackled effectively through recycling industries in the country.

He said that the effort would as well create more job opportunities to people in the area, thereby reducing poverty and unemployment in the country.

He said that the reuse provides an excellent, environmentally-preferred alternative to other waste management methods, because it reduces air, water and land pollution.

“Reuse is a means to prevent solid waste from entering the landfill, improve our communities and increase the material, educational and occupational wellbeing of our citizens.

“This is by taking useful products discarded by those who no longer want them and providing them to those who do.

“Recyclers have successfully kept materials out of the landfill by collecting, segregating, processing and manufacturing their collected goods into new products,’’ he said.

By Vivian Emoni

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