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Africa to pick three members for Loss and Damage Fund Board

The African continent will have three representatives on the yet to be formed board that will manage the Loss and Damage Fund.

Ephraim Mwepya Shitima
AGN Chair, Ephraim Mwepya Shitima

The fund, which is critical in financing climate related losses in the developing countries, has so far received over $700 million in commitment funding.

Majority of the nine board members will come from the developed countries who are expected to be the biggest contributors to the fund.

Speaking at the COP28 conference in Dubai, Chair, Africa Group of Negotiators, Ephraim Shitima, noted that the negotiations are still on the technical phase, adding that they have been negotiating on the technical format.

“Today, the two subsidiary bodies one on implementation and the other on science and technology will be closing. As we close, we hope things will pick up steam and hope that we will be reporting on recommendations and draft decisions which will have been achieved,” he said.

The Executive Director, Pan African Climate Justice Alliance (PACJA), Mithika Mwenda, weighed in the conversation saying, the civil society has been vocal against the World Bank hosting the Loss and Damage Fund.

He said: “We have been convinced that the fund will not follow the World Bank rules, it will have its own governance, board where Africa will have three representatives on the board and that softens our hearts.

“The Glasgow work programme is ending therefore we cannot leave the conference without some decision on global goal for adaptation with targets. We hope state countries will ensure contentious issues are resolved.”

The Glasgow work programme on Action for Climate Empowerment (ACE) was approved at COP26. The framework was meant to guide national work on ACE.

It contained four priority areas: Policy Coherence, Coordinated Action, Tools and Support, Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting.

By Christine Muchira and Obrien Kimani, KBC

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